Patent Pending STERI-DRI™ Technology

The high-energy “short wave” UV-C GERMICIDAL BULB patent pending patent-pending-vortex-industries-inc-steri-dry technology (100 to 280 nanometers) of all VORTEX INDUSTRIES HAND AND HAIR DRYERS are highly lethal to microorganisms. This range is known as the Germicidal Spectrum.

UV-C GERMICIDAL patent-pending-vortex-industries-inc-steri-dry light sterilizes microorganisms and biological pollutants, including viruses, bacteria and mold by penetrating their cell membranes and attacking and deactivating their cellular DNA, stopping their reproductive capabilities and killing them. The scientific community has long known that UV-C light acts as a natural sterilization system. Hospitals, food processing facilities, scientific laboratories, water treatment plants and air-handling systems use UV-C light to eliminate contaminants and germs that can cause diseases, colds, asthma, allergies and infections. VORTEX INDUSTRIES INC. hand and hair dryers with their exclusive patent pending patent-pending-vortex-industries-inc-steri-dry technology provide that same UV-C ultraviolet technology for use in Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Governmental as well as many other environments. It is important to mention that cleaning is not disinfecting. Cleaning only removes some of the germs while disinfecting and sterilizing destroys them. Therefore, through its “Ounce of Prevention” campaign, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stresses that it is important to both routinely clean and disinfect surfaces. The “Ultraviolet” article at Wikipedia ( offers a wealth of additional information and a comprehensive list of “See Also” links and References.
Benefits of Using Vortex Industries Inc. UV-C Germicidal patent-pending-vortex-industries-inc-steri-dry hand and hair dryers:

  • Hygienic – Vortex Industries Inc. hand & hair dryers eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses
  • Economical – 90% savings over paper or linen hand towels, use less than 1200Watts
  • Wi-Fi Compatible, advises you of any default.
  • Unmatched 10-year warranty
  • Vortex warm air dryers produces up to 18 times less greenhouse gas.