End Users

We truly believe our Vortex hair and hand dryers are the optimal in regards to, quality, efficiency, reliability, and cost, but to prove this we want you to take a test dry of our units whether for hair or hands without any strings attached.

We offer you at no cost whatsoever the possibility of trying anyone of our outstanding VORTEX DRYERS for a period of 60 days by simply filling out the section below and we will contact the preferred Distributor you indicated, or simply pass on your request to a Distributor in your Region so that they can contact you to make arrangements for your free TRY & DRY trial.

The TRY & DRY program is hassle free, once we have set up your trial with a Distributor they will communicate with you directly and make arrangements for delivery of a demo “plug in” unit to your premises. If after a maximum trial period of 60 days you don’t find the VORTEX DRYER to be in line with your specific needs the Distributor will pick up the unit and ask you to sign a Return of Sample form, no cost no obligation, if you desire to purchase units, your distributor will be please to quote you a price for the desired quantity.

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